Working papers

Effectiveness and financial sustainability of free distribution of a new health technology for malaria elimination. Evidence from Southern Mozambique. (with Laia Cirera, Joe Brew, Francisco Saute and Elisa Sicuri) – under review

Do large public investments in health reduce agricultural labour absenteeism? Evidence using administrative data from sugarcane fields in Southern Mozambique. (with Laia Cirera and Elisa Sicuri) – under review

Cost and cost-effectiveness of a universal HIV testing and treatment intervention in Zambia and South Africa: Evidence and projections from the HPTN 071(PopART) Trial – draft

Current Projects

I am currently using field experiments in Zimbabwe to measure the influence of risk, time and social preferences on risky sexual behaviour, uptake of HIV testing and prevention methods; two randomised controlled trials to improve uptake of PrEP and VMMC. This project is being implemented through the Manicaland Centre for Public Health Research.

I am also evaluating the cost-effectiveness of Population Effects of Antiretroviral Therapy to Reduce HIV Transmission (PopART) in Zambia and South Africa, one of the largest HIV trials offering universal testing and treatment in sub-Sahara Africa.